Monday, March 1, 2010

Lovely weekend

Although it is now Wednesday, I would still like to do a weekend review (finally)

We managed to make it down to the beach both Saturday & Sundy morning - which for some reason isn't something that happens too often (just too busy usually!) On Saturday there was a big dress up volleyball competition going on down at the beach, I really wish we had brought the camera!! There was a flinstones team, mario brothers, hula girls, etc etc - there must have been 20 teams dressed up - fun! We also went for a swim down at the Manly end of the beach which was SO lovely & refreshing:) It's nearing the end of summer here - but gosh it can still be quite hot during the day and that cool ocean water feels great!

Sunday when we went down to the beach it looked bizarre. The beach was closed and the life guards kept annoucing that they recommended everyone stay out of the water & off the sand. The tsunami warning from the earthquake in Chile was sent out to the East Coast of Australia saying the wave was meant to hit around 8am. We waited around for ages to see it, but it never happened. Good to be careful I guess though. There was also live music down at the Corso - a band of 2 sisters & a brother and WOW they were pretty darn good, so we sat & listened & enjoyed & just relaxed - lovely:)

A reporter down at Manly doing his waiting for the tsunami report (in admist all the seaweed - yuck!)

Me resting on the walk to Shelly Beach next to some random guy with Manly in the background

And we shared some nachos out in Manly:) After a week of eating super healthy, a bit of nachos & cheese & guac really hit the spot!

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  1. Love to see the photos of you smiling and having a great time! Happy Birthday on March 7th, dearest Monique.

    Love, Mom and Dad