Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Time flies when you're having fun!

Today Sparky officially enters the double digits - 99 days until his/her due date - how exciting!!

Also as of today I have been at this job one full year - wow - time flies!

It was such a beautiful weekend,

so Saturday late afternoon we popped down to North Steyne beach for a swim.

The bump!

I like to think Sparky loves the beach already:) Although the water was a bit chilly, so we just waded while Murray swam (I know you quickly get used to the water temp & then it becomes refreshing, but with all this extra 'stretched' skin I just wasn't open for the initial cold shock!)

Sunday I briefly caught up with Murray & his friend Chris for a zip around the Manly area in Chris's boat. It could NOT have been a nicer weekend - sunny & hot! Gotta love autumn in Sydney:)

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  1. The photos of you at the beach were great! You know that child is going to be a water-loving baby, especially considering his parents hobbies. Looked like a lovely day. : )

    Love, Mom