Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bath Time in MN

We had fun with bath time in Minnesota too - Genna loves to taste everything - even the towels!
Our bath time routine to signal night time meant from the first evening in MN Genna went straight to bed after her bath for 5 hours! Fab!

A bath time audience - Mariah, Grandma Sis, Me & Genna in the bath :)

She loved this bath - just like the one at home - lots of room to kick! (that's a pirate ducky she is trying to eat). We found out on this trip that she's no longer happy just to watch and listen to Mommy sing - she now needs toys to play with in the bath to make her happy!

Yummy towel
She loves to snuggle up when it's drying time

Having a little chat with Grandma

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