Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Misc Minnesota Pics

Meeting cousin Johnny

Marcus, Us, Johnny & Kyle

I saw you laugh!!! Fun that so many people were around that evening too to experience such a big developmental achievement!

Girls in pink

Hello Grandpa

Chillin' in my chair

With namesake Joni

saying Hi to Kevin

Relaxing with Mommy

We love to read books!

Everyone loves watching you chat :)

TOO gorgeous - love this pic

Playing with uncle Marcus

Loving grasping my hands!


Saying hello to Great Grandma Sally

Great Grandma Sis, Us & Faye with the new books Faye brought (which she LOVES!)

read read read

With some of my new shoes

Walking with Grandpa

Saying hello to Brock - he is very gentle with her - just gives a little lick hello

With Norman, Great Grandma Sis

Genna with her new play gym

With my friends - Jessi, Stacy, Julie & Katie

With Sarah

Diane & Genna

My Aunt Sue & Cousin Jenny
& Grandma
& Uncle Joel
Saying Hello to Donna

Sleepy girl

Nap time on Grandma

loving her new cow finger puppet from Aunty Megan & Uncle Mike

She LOVES her new doll!! We gave her a good Minnesota name - Lena

Having fun in Minnesota :)

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  1. How fun that you guys got to spend a lot of time with your family - these are great photos! How are you going to get all the stuff home? :)