Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Meet the Baby Party!

We woke up to a chilly day on Saturday October 2nd - but we were super excited for Genevieve's 'Meet the Baby' party hosted by Joni & Kevin!

Joni had these awesome M&M's customised for Genna!!

Too cool :)

Beautiful decorations were all over the place

Joni made these fancy little mint covers too

TOO cute!

The lovely sign

And the amazing cupcakes made by Jani & Jolie

Aren't they amazing?

The bodies are marshmellows, the heads are malted milk balls

Not only did they look amazing - they also tasted amazing!


The spread - lots of wonderful food and AWESOME pulled pork sandwiches for the main!

The star of the day, all bundled up in a cute outfit from Great Grandma Sis as it turned out to be an unusually cold day!

Hello Jani!

Hello Julie!

Great Aunty Julie & Genna

Julie, Genna & Joni - she loves when Joni talks to her!

Another photo? :)

4 Generations - Grandpa, Mom, Great Grandma & Genevieve

Hello Great Grandma!

Me with Kim & Mary

Me, Murray, Jake, Sophia, Lori & Lincoln

Grandma Sis, Brenda & Mom

Me & Katie
Jake's little one Lincoln eating a tree...... too funny

Oh are these for me? tiny & pink!

Ha ha - we thought Jani, Jolie & Trevor's gift was hilarious

YAY a Minnesota outfit from Joni & Kevin

Lots of wonderful books too - very exciting!

The star of the day

Genna with my cousin Jolie (Genna's first cousin removed - is that correct?)

with cousin Caleb

Mariah & Blake

Joni & Mom with their fancy drinks

Aunt Leticia & Genna

Having fun sitting up

The boys enjoyed cigars later on when the babies were in bed

Beth & Mike's little boy Tommy

One of this blog's biggest fans - Carol

Jessi & Me

Mike & Joni

Grandma Sis, Brenda & Me

Sophia & Lori

John, Brenda, Norman & Kevin

Aunties Jani, Julie & Joni

Genna & Katie

Beth enjoying a cold one while Blake takes a rest

Genna's namesake Joni, Me & Genevieve

Murray trying to be funny & Brock checking to see if he's ok

Beth, Blake, Me & Genna

Ahhhh we make cute babies :)

The morning after - two happy babies!


and a BIG Thank You to Joni & Kevin for hosting such a wonderful day for Genevieve!!

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  1. ...and a BIGGER thank you to Monique and Murray for giving us such a wonderful reason to celebrate! It's an honor to be a namesake for the most beautiful baby in the world!! ~Joni