Friday, October 15, 2010

Genevieve's Baby Tea

On Saturday October 9th Genevieve was given a 'baby tea' shower at my Mom's house - hosted by Mom and her friends

The lovely cake

Cupcakes for the 'baby tea'

Lots of lovely gifts

Mom posing by the gorgeous bouquet she made out of baby outfits!

All set up for tea & nibbles!

The bouquet looked so nice (the clothes it was made of are super cute too!)

Some of the guests meeting the star of the day

Mom's table of Grandmother stuff :)

Big girl Genna likes to sit up - with Lou Ann looking on

Gift from Grandma - the start of her shoe collection! Of COURSE my daughter will love shoes too!

Beth saying hello to Genevieve in her pretty dress

Great Grandma Sally, Me, Genna & Great Grandma Sis

With Grandma as well

and with Joni & Mariah

The happy Great Grandmas

Mom & Mariah - they made this gorgeous fruit bouquet!

So many lovely gifts - she'll be the best dressed baby in Manly!

Pam & Bonnie greeting Genevieve

Aunty Mariah & Genevieve

Cute puppy dog cuddly blanket & matching bag & outfit - so many lovely things


Genna's first swimsuit from Aunty Megan - too cute!

Ohhhh and toys - yay!

Ah yes we love sleep - what a cute door sign

Ha ha - fun gift from Uncle Marcus

Ohhhhh pretty ballet shoes

A beautiful blanket from Aunty Mariah

I love my shower Mommy

Mom showing Bonnie, Cheryl & Katsy how she made her baby clothing bouquet

Genna didn't want to be handed around - but was happy to chat :)

Taking a break with some toys

Hello Grandma

Cutie Pie

Saying hello to Lisa

3 Generations

She loves to pull up to sitting!

Me, Genna & Sue

My favorite picture of the day

Mary, Joni & Faye

Monica with us

Diane with us

Joni (namesake) and Mom (Grandma)

Lovely balloons from the Meet the Baby party did double duty at the tea too!

My special tea cup for my birth month

It was a LOVELY party - we are so blessed to have been showered with so many gorgeous gifts and it was great to see everyone and introduce Genevieve :)

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  1. That show collection gift is the cutest thing I've ever seen! What a clever idea. Looks like your having a wonderful time.