Friday, October 8, 2010

Genevieve's first trip to America

Waiting at the gate in Sydney to get on the plane

I'm glad we brought a pillow so she could sleep on my lap if she wanted to

She has never take a pacifier - but as soon as the flight started to take off, she finished eating so we tried the pacifier to keep her sucking to pop her ears and she fell asleep with it! wow (of course this was the only time for the whole trip that she took it - but whatever works)

Murray walking Genna - she was a chick magnet - they'd surround him when he was up walking around with her

Our second flight from LA to Minneapolis was a lot more crowded - but we made do with our pillow!
All in all, a great trip. She didn't cry (other than diaper changes in the restroom) and she slept a LOT of our big flight (the first 6 hours! amazing). Fingers crossed the trip back goes this smoothly!


  1. That is awesome! Congrats on having not only a darling daughter but a budding world traveler. I hope the trip stateside is a great vacation for you all!

  2. I'm so glad the flight went well! Have fun at "home" now! :)

  3. The little traveler - too cute! You guys did an amazing job! Have fun at 'home'. Hope it's not too cold :)

  4. Did you guys manage to get a bassinet? Looks like you survived, either way! Hope you're having lots of fun! Give MN my love!

  5. We did get the bassinet Megan! and funnily enough we didn't use it at all - it was dirty and had a really thick mesh on the top of it so she couldn't lie in it other than in a deep sleep - freaked me out! So we used it to store our stuff instead:) She just slept on my lap which worked fine - still nice to have the bulkhead though for the space!