Monday, October 25, 2010

Week 16

Dear Genevieve,
This week you turned 16 weeks old!You have definitely started getting stronger - you hold your head and your legs up now when I try to take a picture of you on this pillow - doesn't make for an easy photo session!

You also are continuing to love sucking on your hands. You even slept one night last night without being swaddled (hooray! - that's what we're working towards). Most mornings you like me to unwrap you so you can stick your thumb in your mouth and comfort yourself for awhile. I was anxious to stop swaddling you weeks ago, but you just weren't ready. Now you are just showing me that you will do it at your own pace - I think that's great :)

You also have learned to yell when you want something like - PICK ME UP!

Your new favorite thing though is for me to hold you up 'standing.' You actually have quite a bit of strength in your legs and you smile and giggle because you enjoy it so much!

Your squeal talking is so cute - it really is like you are 'talking' to us. Thankfully you are over jet lag now though and aren't talking at 2am anymore for hours!

I do love this outfit on you - it says 'Nuts about you' - too cute

Overall we have had a great week. You adjusted from jet lag in just a few days, although you did end up catching Daddy's cold and then passing it on to me as well! Thankfully it's passing quickly this time though. And you just couldn't be a happier girl - even with a cold you are smiley and happy.

Love you Lots,

p.s. someone left a comment asking where we got the koala pillow - it was a gift from Aunty Helen from the store 'Babyography' at Warringah Mall :)

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  1. I laughed at the photo where Genevieve looks like she is commanding you to pick her up! And now the journey begins... : )

    We miss our dear little Genna. Hopefully both of your colds will pass by quickly.
    Love you. Grandma Debi