Tuesday, November 24, 2009

10 years ago today.........

10 years ago today, I was celebrating Thanksgiving in London with my study abroad group. We decided to go out after the meal our school put on for us, and ended up in Leicester Square.
We started at a pub (the Fawn & Firkin) and then moved on to the Zoo Bar.
There, I met a tall blonde guy named Zac. He had spiked hair, and a long black leather coat - and I thought he was gorgeous!!!!

I dont' have the first pic ever of us to post from that night, because it is in my London scrapbook that my parents are bringing over soon. But I do have a picture of Zac (his American nickname as with his accent people could understand him saying Murray:) and I at Joe's Crab Shack, where we went for a goodbye dinner at the end of his first visit to Minnesota.

I knew from the moment I met him there was something very very special about this guy, and after that first visit I knew I was head over heels in love.
I love you Murray - Happy 'Dating' Anniversary


  1. I LOVE a good romance!!!
    Happy "dating" anniversary!
    See you in 4 days!

  2. AAwwwwwwww!!! What a wonderful love story to tell your kids someday!! Love and miss you two! Wish I was gonna be on the big boat. :(
    Maybe next time!