Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ballet at the Opera House

Last night I went with Anna to see Concord at the Opera House
I noticed while walking there that they have already put up the main display for New Year's Eve on the bridge

I can't really tell what it is - maybe a globe or something? Looking forward to finding out on New Year's Eve!

Concord was good, it was actually 3 ballets in one. Each was half an hour long with two twenty minute intervals.
The first one - Por vos muero (For thee I die) is a "Spanish Renaissance-inspired work that uses light and shade, tragic poetry, and Spanish and Catalonian music from the 15th and 16th centuries to unveil the conflict of love and emotions trapped in a renaissance world." I liked the costumes and I liked the deep voice speaking in Spanish between acts. The dancing was amazing as well - it was really very interesting.

The second dance was Scuola di ballo, a ballet school comedy about a terriblemballerina who the instructor wants to get rid of, so he passes her off to another school with a contract. They come back to sue once they figure out how horrible she is at dancing. Very funny & gorgeous costume! The dnacing was classical and I LOVED it!

The third ballet was Dyad 1929. The choreography is "jolty, frantic, neurotic and minimalist all at once." I think that's a pretty good desctiption - it was VERY modern - a bit too modern for my taste - but I can't say it wasn't interesting!

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  1. Sounds like you had a lot of fun and enjoyed the skills and expertise of the dancers. Nice that you have a friend that likes dance, too.
    Love, Mom