Friday, November 20, 2009

Definitely Not a Twihard

So I finally saw Twilight (the first one) last night as my friend Anna kindly lent me the DVD.
I dunno - it was good - but I thought it was awfully slow paced and the story was quite bizarre (vampires who love baseball? really?). But *shrug* I guess I'd go see the new one. I enjoyed it, just thought it was quite odd. I can imagine that perhaps the books are better than the movie though - especially some of those scenes where they just sat staring at each other for ages. I can imagine the book was MUCH more descriptive, as the scenes in the movie got very long!
So anyhow, it was good, but I won't be reading the books, and I'm definitely not a Twihard (as they say on the radio - what they call huge Twilight fans:)


  1. The books are way better than the movie but, honestly, the only reason people love it is because of the romance. It's like the trashy romance novel without the sex scenes. You might ask, what's the point? I dunno, it sucks you in! I have considered how the movies would be confusing and random to someone who hasn't read the books though, so I feel you on that one. :) The fun is in seeing the characters come to life more than the quality of the film and the acting itself I think....

  2. I LOVED the books after skeptically picking up the first. The first film was HORRIBLE, but I'm tempted to see the 2nd one anyway. Try the books, I don't think you'll be disappointed.