Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Horses & Stuff

EVERYONE has asked me today who I am betting on - because today is the Melbourne Cup (horse racing).
It's a big deal, apparently.
So finally I gave in and used the coins in my purse to bet.
It was a random draw - so I have $1 on 'Musef' and $2 on 'Spin Around'
I know I won't make big bucks based on those piddly bets - but I hope one of those 2 wins!!!!!

Oh and just FYI - it's BOILING today - 35c (100f) in the city and 37c (104f) out west (where I'm working today). Eeeeeeeeeeek - I am NOT looking forward to getting into my black car when the work day is over!!


I went downstairs at work this afternoon to where they were live streaming the race. Last minute a guy was trying to sell off the last 3 betting spots and I overheard him say one of the horses was Daffodil. I had heard on the radio this morning that Daffodil was in the running to win. So my colleague & I both agreed to put down another $5 each and we did rock paper scissors to see who would draw first - I won, with scissors. I thought my 33.33% chance of picking the slip of paper with Daffodil on it was slim - but I GOT IT!!!!

Our department had ordered a lovely selection of cakes for the ocassion - a massive tiramisu, a chocolate cake with cream & cherries (that's what I had!), fruit & custard tarts and lots of different pastries. WOW! Nice surprise!

Then we all stood around to watch the race - which took mearly a few minutes.

And I lost :(

The winner - was a horse called 'Shocking'

Bummer - oh well, it was kind of fun to participate in the whole event a little bit anyhow:)

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