Monday, November 9, 2009

Nice Weekend

We had a nice weekend down at my in-law's place - including a lovely BBQ out by the beach!
On the way down we got sidetracked a bit though. We were driving through the small town of Ulladulla and saw a small dog darting in and out of traffic. Murray quickly pulled over and I ran out and called 'HERE PUPPY! ' (even though he was an older dog - a small terrier I think). He turned when he heard me and started running full speed towards me, just as an SUV swerved to miss him - SO close! He was SO scared, and jumped right up into my arms. We turned around and drove back into town and stopped at the local vet that another person who had stopped told us about. They scanned him and could see he had a chip, but the number wasn't registered in their systems, so they said they'd have to keep him there until the vet could call the main chip registration line and find out who is owner is. Poor little thing, he was shaking he was so scared! But they took him in to feed him and give him some water, and I'm sure he'll be fine. I am just SO glad we were able to get him off the road safely!!

1 comment:

  1. On behalf of all dog owners around the world.........
    How absolutely wonderful and brave and considerate you two are for rescuing that poor baby! The owners will be so happy and relieved.
    I hope you find out the ending..... if he was reunited and all.
    Love and miss you,
    Aunt Jani