Friday, November 13, 2009

Ben & Jerry's - mission complete

We made it to Ben & Jerry's Wednesday night. The place was PACKED - queue out the door! They didn't have a lot of selection of ice cream to buy in pints, so we had them fill up a few pints from the scoop flavours instead (for a dinner party last night - not just to go home & gorge on)! I also had a tiny cup of mint ice cream with huge chunks of chocolate - it was fantastic! They have SUCH a great location as well - right off of Manly beach - that place is going to be crazy busy this summer!

In other news - the weather has been amazing here lately (other than the couple hours of rain & a thunderstorm last night). It has been around 30c every day (90f) and that is also the forecast for the weekend - hooray! I heard on the radio this morning that it is meant to be 40c (110f) on Monday - holy cow! I guess that must be out West where they don't get that cool ocean breeze. BRING ON SUMMER - I'm loving being able to wear my sandals again!


  1. Awww yaaay! I hope its popularity means it will spread to other capital cities (like brissy! lol)

    I'm really enjoying your blog updates. :)