Monday, November 16, 2009

Another lovely weekend

We went to see my in-laws again this weekend to celebrate my Mother-in-law Lyn's birthday.
Sister-in-law Helen brought along awesome car snacks and we enjoyed working Murray's old i-pod to death on the 3 1/2 hour drive.

We had a gorgeous lunch out with amazing food and birthday toasts, and a nice relaxing afternoon.

Sunday, after a bit of shopping and a chai latte (yummm), we made our way back to Sydney. Big mistake to leave earlier than we usually do though at 2pm (thinking we'd miss the traffic). Turns out everyone else must have been thinking the same thing and the roads were PACKED! Next time we'll hang out a bit longer and leave later in the afternoon to have a decent return drive time.

Last night we watched a bit of the only late night comedy tv show here (granted it's only on once a week....) Rove. He annouced that after 10 years on air, last night was his last show. Honestly? My first reaction was "good - now maybe they can find someone funny!"
He just is NOT funny! I like the other regulars he has on the show, they are usually quite entertaining, but I just don't like him - and it's HIS show - not good! I wonder if they will replace him or just scrap it all together? Hmmm will be intersting!

The one funny thing on the show last night was that they filmed this particular show outside so they could have an Aussie BBQ. Each of the regulars brought along sides - Hamish & Andy couldn't decide between healthy or not, so they brought apples that were cored, with hot dogs in the middle. Ha ha. One lady said she was too lazy to actually make anything, so she gave Rove a bag of instant potatoes - which he though would be funny to open & pour in his mouth right there (but no - it was not funny). Another guy brought BBQed dim sum. Ewwww

I was not interested enough to stay up and watch the whole show though. I think they should just take Jay Leno - whose show has JUST started being shown here - and move it from it's current time slot of 6pm (we'll NEVER get to see it that darn early!!) to a decent night time slot like 9pm. I know I for sure would watch it every night!

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