Monday, November 2, 2009

So what's new

Well let's see - what's been happening lately....

Last week I went with Helen to see the movie The Time Traveler's Wife - it was wonderful!

Caught up with Cameron & Nicole and toasted their engagement - very exciting!!

I went to Manly beach to soak in the sun with friends Megan & John and managed to get a bit pink around the edges (you know how in the beginning of summer you always forget to put sunblock around the edges of your swimsuit? well that's me - nice red lines - oops!)

Tonight I went to see the movie Nowhere Boy with Anna - wow it was good! It's the story of John Lennon's life - SO much I didn't know! It doesn't come out here until December - this was a sneak peek - I'd recommend it though - I thought it was great.

And tonight - I killed my first Aussie spider.
It was sitting up high on the wall and was big enough that every time I walked by I felt a bit sick to my stomach and backed against the walls - JUST IN CASE HE JUMPS ON ME!!
He was as big as my fist - well, ok - just if you count his legs - his body was about the size of an almond - but still - that's big!
I couldn't' just leave him there til Murray got home - what if he took off and crawled into our bed or something?!?!?!?
So I got out the swifter, put a paper towel on the end, stood as far back as the handle would allow, and smushed him.
Turns out the first time wasn't strong enough - he walked a bit further down the wall like 'what was that??'
So I put some force into my second smush - and that was it.
After gathering him in the paper towel, and wiping some goo off the wall (ewwwwwwwww) I flushed it - you know, just in case he comes back or something. Gross gross gross.

On a nicer note - it was a lovely day and I had lunch out in the sunshine with my boss & our new intern - just a shame I forgot my sunnies at home - DOH! I hate squinting!!

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