Monday, August 9, 2010

Week 5

Dear Genevieve,
This week you are 5 weeks old!
You weighed in at 4.1 kilos (which is 9 pounds) as of 4 weeks 3 days old. Thankfully the weighing in wasn't as traumatic for you this time because you ate a little bit before being stripped down for the scale:)

I LOVE that the door to the closet in your nursery is a mirror so I can see your smiles just before you fall asleep - so gorgeous. I am constantly watching you in the mirror as you fall asleep - watching your eyes slowly close and the smirks as you drift off - I just love watching you:)

You also have started properly smiling at us this week!! One morning Daddy came over to say goodbye and you looked up at him with a huge smile - lovely way to start the day! (BIG yawn!!)

You also are more 'talking' more and more this week - I see you intently watching my mouth before imitating the shape and the noises. I swear sometimes you imitate when I say 'bless you' after a sneeze too!! Only problem is you want to chat chat chat most nights at 3am! It's so hard for me not to smile and chat back - but I'm trying to let you know that it's night time - we save chatting for day time - but GOSH you are cuuuuuute.

This week we attended our first Mothers Group in Manly. You were a bit unsettled during the meeting because of a few of the other babies crying (you haven't heard that since we were in the hospital)! But I held you for most of the session and you stayed asleep on my chest. There are some really nice ladies in the group - hopefully you and I will become good friends with some of them:) We are so lucky to be hooked up by the local health center with a group of Moms and Babies around your age!

On the way home we used the baby bjorn carrier for the first time, because you just weren't happy being partially awake in your stroller. You LOVED it and fell straight asleep - so I snuck this photo before rudely awakening you when we got home:)

Your American Passport also arrived this week - hooray! They said it'd take 3 weeks but it actually only took 3 working days - WOW!

And today we went to the mall for the first time on our own (we went once before with Grandma & Grandpa). You woke on the way there in the car seat (darn honking cars!!) and you were a bit unhappy in the baby bjorn when we got there, but once I fed you a bit you settled down and slept comfortably on me. It was wonderful because that gave me a chance to shop around and finally buy some pink clothes for you!!! You have had tons of gorgeous gifts from people so we have lots of pink stuff, but Mommy wanted to pick out a few things too. So exciting :) You woke up on the way home, but you were SO lovely and happy. I think you were watching your bear mirror:) I like that thing too - so I can see what you are doing while I'm driving! We were both completely exhausted when we got home though and both took two long naps to recover!

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  1. Beautiful new photos and we enjoy the journaling, too. So happy to her about the big smiles this week! Have a wonderful visit with Grandma Lynn and Grandpa Peter this week. We will be passing around our brag books of Genevieve photos to share with others at Grandma's 90th birthday celebration this weekend. Love you, Grandma Debi