Monday, August 2, 2010

Week 4

Dear Genevieve,
This week you turned 1 month old!! Wow how time flies
This week has been a busy one for you. We traveled into the city with Daddy and Grandma & Grandpa to go to the US embassy for your passport. We also applied for your UK and Australian passports - busy busy!

Saturday night we went out to dinner in Manly with Grandma & Grandpa. It was your first time out in the evening, and my first time out in the evening in over a month!

We ended up at the Bavarian Beer Cafe in Manly as we could sit outside (it was pretty warm - especially with the heaters) and it wasn't too noisy. You slept so well all wrapped up in your stroller. You woke up just after we got home - it couldn't have worked out more perfectly :)

We also caught up with friends - Daddy and his good friend Steve were the official stroller guys :)

Grandma & Grandpa also enjoyed spending time with you!

Grandpa & Daddy enjoying a cigar to toast you !

You have started being more demanding this week - pounding your head and fists against Mommy to say 'I'm hungry NOW!' Very cute :)

You have also started getting painful gas this week though :( It's the only time you cry - after a feed when you have a big burp that just needs to come out. We try every position they recommend to get them out, I just hate to see you in pain like that - no fun. But thankfully that's really the only time you cry, unless Mommy takes too long getting ready to feed you:) We are starting to recognize your different cries and noises though which is good for all of us I think.

You also have start cooing this week - making the cutest little face when you 'talk' to us. Later in the week you also started cooing back to us when we 'talk' to you - it just melts my heart - absolutely gorgeous. Of course I haven't been able to capture it on camera, but gosh it's cute. You watch my mouth and imitate the oooooh face before talking back to us!

You are also even more alert this week and you neck is getting SO strong. You love looking at Daddy's photos on the wall and you can definitely make good long eye contact with us now. It really is amazing how much you have grown already.

You also have adjusted your sleep schedule this week. Up to now you were pretty much sleeping for 3 hours, then eating/settling back to sleep for an hour - all day and night long. But as of this week, you are now up from 6/7 am with a few little cat naps - but you usually don't get back for a 3+ hour sleep until 2pm. That is unless you are out and about in your stroller -gosh you love that thing - you sleep SO well in it. We like this 'new' schedule though as it means you usually have one 4 hour sleep in the night and usually one 3 hour one as well - fabulous!


  1. Dear Monique,
    Dad and I are so happy for Murray and you! It was a pleasure seeing what great parents you are. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to get to know our precious little Genevieve. Enjoy your Mothers' Group this week; what a great idea.
    Love, Grandma Debi