Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Week 8

Dear Genevieve,
This has been a busy week for you.

You got your first round of immunizations - thank goodness they did both shots (one in each leg) at the same time. Daddy and I felt terrible for you - you yelled out and your whole head turned red as a tomato! But as soon as I fed you you felt better and went right to sleep:)

You have officially weighed in at 4.9 kilos - 10 1/2 pounds. And boy can we tell - you are getting heavy! You had your 8 week checkup and pediatrician visit this week! Very exciting :)

You also have grown length wise from 48 cm (18.9 inches) at birth to 55 cm (21.7 inches) now at 8 weeks! (And you seem to like the outfit I bought you when I was pregnant - I can't believe you fit in it already - wow!)

And of course your head circumference has grown as well (you do take after Mommy and Daddy after all:) from 35cm (13.8 inches) to 39 cm (15.4 inches)! We're sure it's all those brains that you're busy growing :)

You also saw lots of friends this week

Aunty Helen


& Anna

You also love the moon & star Anna & Ali brought you from Italy. It encourages you to look to the right side of your crib as well (you like looking out of your crib usually - to the left).

All in all a great week:)
Love you lots,


  1. Time flies hey - she is starting to get that beautiful baby chub. :)

  2. I love the fourth photo where she is tilting her head. She looks so quizzical, adorable!