Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Week 7

Dear Genevieve,
This week you turned 7 weeks old!
You are growing like crazy. I have officially packed away all of your newborn clothing now (you have moved into 000 in Australian sizes, 0-3 month in US sizes). You also have moved from newborn into infant nappies (diapers) - gosh you are growing quickly!

This week you also discovered your hand and you LOVE sucking on the side of your fist. It's a nice comfort just as you are calming down for sleep. When you wake up we often find you have sucked on your hand through your wrap, leaving a big wet spot on the wrap!

Unfortunately this week you also got your first cold. You are still a very happy baby, but you have SO much trouble getting to sleep because you are stuffed up. I'm really glad at this point you have a short memory, because I feel terrible when you cry as I clear out your nose:( But we have found that if I hold you for 10-15 minutes after falling asleep you get into that deep sleep and then I can put you down in your cot for a rest - whatever works!

And this is why it's so hard to get a photo of you on K-Bear, you are a wriggly worm!

We also have started doing a lot more tummy time this week. The little cloth under your chest helps you to prop up a bit and get your feet down to push at the the floor. They tell me this will help you learn to crawl.

You aren't a fan of tummy time though - you last quite happily for 5 minutes - sometimes more. But we will persevere to help you get nice and strong!

Hello spots! You love this toy so much - when we put it in front of you you start to coo at it!

You also love to pull yourself up. When I put you on my knees and give you a finger to grip in each hand you start straight away trying to pull yourself forward - my strong girl!

You are also smiling more & more. When I go to your cot to unwrap you after a sleep you look up at me with a HUGE grin. It is toooooooooooo cute :)

You also LOVE the zebra on your mobile that's hanging above the change table. When I lay you down you look up for the zebra and immediately start smiling and talking to him.



  1. Holy Benchpress Batman!!! She's SO strong!! You go Genna!! ~Joni

  2. Strong as can be, pulling herself up and then
    talking! Genevieve you are wonderful and oh so beautiful. Love you. Great Gram. H.

  3. FaceBook, E-Mail, e-bills, then.....wait for it.....saving the best for last.....Genna's blog! And I so LOVE when your Mama posts little videos!! Such a strong, beautiful peanut!! Love you, Great Aunt Jani

  4. She is getting so big! She is beautiful! We can't wait to meet her, not too long now!