Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Week 6

Dear Genevieve,
This week you turned 6 weeks old!
This week you figured out that when I swaddle you that means sleep time. I get you nice and comfy and tight in your wrap, then you close your eyes. So cute:)

Your neck is also getting stronger and stronger - you have started whipping your head from left to right to see what is going on!

We had a busy week out and about seeing friends - we are getting quite good at heading out in the stroller, eating out and about, and sometimes coming home in the baby bjorn!

This week at mothers group we weighed you clothed as well and you were a whopping 4.7 kilos (over 10 pounds). However, we have to minus a bit to account for clothing & your wrap :)

You have also really started making eye contact and mapping my face. I feel like you can really recognize me now which warms my heart.

We also did your first big road trip to Granddad and Nannas house - we had a wonderful time and you loved all the cuddles. You also were SO good in the car. On the way down (4 hour drive) we stopped twice when you woke up hungry. On the way back you only woke up upset once, and spent the rest of the time happily sleeping our looking around. You find the carseat SO relaxing which is great - I'm so proud of you for being SUCH a good girl :)


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  1. It's amazing how we can see her little personality developing just through your photos! She is so alert and attentive and expressive! Can't wait to meet her!!!
    Love, Great Aunt Jani