Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fish cakes and Trip down Memory Lane

Another lovely weekend
Last night Anna made some AWESOME fish cakes!!!

Murray attempting some amazing feat with the rice - which was served with a gorgeous thai green curry!!

She rocks desserts as well - the lovely chocolate & banana mouse

Today we tackled - the garage. We need somewhere for Betty to sleep at night - away from the rain and tucked up nice and safe. But as you can see - we don't EXACTLY have room for a car in our spare garage right now.... Now we would like to take you on a little trip down memory lane....

Murray's first find - a manual on Word Perfect. Remember this? The precursor to Microsoft programs?

Ahhh school folder - girls & surfing :)

Amazing school artwork from 1986

Crayons? Murray really does keep everything....

And - about a 1/3 of the way through with most of that 1/3rd in the bin - Murray is still in the back going through box after box of childhood memories

The two time tae kwon do champ now has his foot propped up on a box for this pose!

Made by Murray in his metal works class - we have no use for this - some sort of fireplace scooper I guess. Who needs a hot coal scoop in oz? circa 1988

Ahhh floppy disks - remember these? His University stuff was on these!!!!!! WOW - just WOW

Funny cause we were just joking about protractors the other day and how old school they are lol Murray found his Technical drawing kit!

Ohhhh yeah! sporting the ever stylish western pull tie

No western tie was complete without the collar bling!! Check out these guys - see the behind how the screw tightens on the back of the collar point. So late 80's early 90's.

JAG watch - oh my......I hear JAG was fashionable back then - this was a 19th bday gift from an ex. Of course it looks like new - typical Murray!

The much talked about M&M machine! Murray would roll out of bed each morning - take a hand full of M&M's and hit the shower - chocolate and hot water - the only answer to mornings.

Cherry Doc boots! Think Pearl Jam 1991 esc....those other things....TaeKwonDo shoes....kinda look like the 'white ninja slippers' that are all the rage these days with the 20yr olds.

SOOOOOOOOOO 1989 - OAKLEY FROGSKINS!! purple too - I must admit they are kinda cute though! So in fashion right now.

The many hair styles of young Mr. Murray back in the day......

Lol - he actually decided to keep this too - just cause it says Murray and he likes the cartoon - ha

Hmmmmmm - interesting.....he can't remember what this is - an ex's gift from school days?

Where it all began - Murray's first camera! What a beauty!

Just a WEE bit small I think! They were shin pads - when his shins were half the size?

From when he lived as a kid in Atlanta - his favorite backpack! circa 1981.

The motherload - ferris - only watched about 1Million times, same with the Miami Vice soundtrack - that's right Phil Collins CAN feel it in the Air! ( I know you are now doing the air drums - let it take you)

90's classic - just classic - and quite frankly - You CAN'T stop yourself from singing it in your head now...can you? Whoa Whoa know the rest.

But not as classic as these two! Murray thinks this could be his sisters tape?

KLF has left the building. If you don't know this song - you're too young (says murray)

Sign it with me - "Here we go, Da nah nup nup, Da nah nup nup, Da nah nup nup, nup nah nah naaaaaah"

The Walkman - the beast that played all these old tapes - how massive do these things look now!

The LAST box to open - finally finally finally after like 8 hours of 'cleaning' (i.e. Murray going 'look at this - oh wow - look at this'!!)

Finally after 8 hours - we gave up. The building's rubbish bins are full, and we still have a few boxes of stuff to throw, and we're tired. But really - it's 95% done. The rubbish gets picked up on Tuesday I believe, I'll throw the rest, we'll bring a few more things up to our flat - then Betty won't have to sleep outside in the cold anymore - YAY!!!!!


  1. It's 3am, It's 3am, It's 3am eternnnaaaalllll, KLF's gunna rock ya!!

  2. Wow - just wow. That was some trip back in time. I had one of those M&M toys as well! And the cassingles... oh my goodness! I will not get 3am: eter-er-er-er-na-alll out of my head now. Murray is a very good sport for letting you post this!!

  3. Loved this post! Brought back some memories for me as well :)

  4. 'Murray is a very good sport for letting you post this!!'
    Suze - I would just like to point out that HE took 99% of these photos:) Murray LOVED going through all that old stuff!!! These photos are like 1/100 of all the stuff we found!

  5. Oh my god, Murray is a man after my own heart. I used to save EVERYTHING. But every apartment I moved to, every house I moved to, the "stuff" dwindled and then of course moving across the world, I had to let most of it go. But looking back at Murray's memories I'm a bit jealous. I'm so nostalgic. I do hope he kept most of the stuff in the photos, because as much as he appreciates the memories now, he'll really appreciate them in another 20-30 years! And yes, I remember KLF. In fact I might have to go home tonight and download that song. :-)

  6. Yup, I'm the Murray in our relationship. ;)
    I think we talked about this back before your big trip, lol. Too funny.

    I've done a few cleanouts like that, but need to do more. These last few weeks i"ve been wondering if there's a way to transfer all my cassette tapes to digital and then maybe I'd pitch all my tapes from the 80s and 90s? (I have a TON)

    Sounds like you're enjoying! We're hoping Jan this yr for another trip over. I'll let you know if we get a SYD layover! :)