Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lights & BBQs

A few pictures from last weekend.........
On Saturday Anna & Ali came over for a BBQ and Ali offered to help put a light up!

Eventually they figured out the wires!

Looks good! Flat to the ceiling at least....

Final adjustments - and much pondering over the many many wires that were up there!

Then it was time to cook - German style!

Anna with Murray's lovely appetizers and the FABULOUS prawns they brought over!

Work work work! Me peeling prawns and Murray preparing stuff for the BBQ

He does LOVE his new grill!

We sat down to eat and the Murray popped over to turn off our new light so it wouldn't be so bright. Then......... ALL of the lights went out!! Circuit popped!

We tried the switch - nothing - so we just got out some candles & our lovely little battery powered emergency lamp so our food wouldn't get cold!

After we ate the boys figured out what was wrong - turns out the red wires - are for nothing! They were not meant to be connected I guess!

A little peak in home improvement book didn't help either! Looks like we'll only have one (new) light in our place that works....ha...hmmm we'll figure the others out by trial and error.....error would be Murray sticking his finger in the light socket again....ooops.

It was REALLY fun to have them over - and fun to make use of our new dining table again :)


  1. That grill is HUGE! Bet Murray is loving it.
    Ciao, Mom