Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The weekend is already over?

Had a nice relaxing weekend down at my in-law's house. Lots of lovely food and relaxing. I caught up on a lot of sleep (who knew I was so tired from the week I'd end up taking a couple hour nap!) and I read a lot of my book 'The Legend of Fire Horse Woman' by Jeanne Wakatsuki-Houston. It is SOOOOOOOO good - about a Japanese immigrant (picture bride) to the USA who later ended up in an internment camp during the war. I am nearly done now, and I really think it is such a great book - so well written and really interesting!

Work is busy - so back to work now - just thought I'd post a quick update. I promise to actually take some pics soon as well so this blog doesn't just become boring with words!!! :)

Oh and a BIG HUGE congrats to our friends Mike & Jen on the birth of their little boy late last week :)

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  1. Glad that your weekend visit with Lynn and Peter was relaxing. We celebrated Pat and Marcus' birthday at the Racetrack on Sunday. It was a beautiful sunny day and then we returned home to grill some steaks and eat birthday cake. Marcus leaves for Vienna on
    Wednesday. Love you, Mom