Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Ok - I know - SO boring - another driving post
but I hit a lot of milestones that made me smile tonight
1. I drove to a gym that I didn't really know exactly how to get to - because of all the 'no right turns' and required back street turning to find my way (Mosman for anyone who is interested...) - and I made it just fine! I did have to pull over at one point on a back street to look quickly at the map - but it was actually pretty darn easy!!

2. Nothing to do with driving - but I actually laughed out loud at the gym watching this cute Australian Zoo program - Taronga Zoo in Sydney was given an abandoned wombat - he was seriously THE cutest little butter ball. SO SO cute when he was running around spinning in circles all happy once he was nursed back to health.

3. I then left the gym and successfully navigated my way to pick up Murray from his late night at work. This is a route I have only driven once before (with my Dad after a missed exit and required doubling back....). This time - I was ALWAYS in the correct lane, did not miss ANY of my turns, and drove over the harbour bridge - BY MYSELF - for the first time. It was actually a little thrilling I must say!

I have some great pics to post - but it's too late now and I am tired - so I'll try to do it tomorrow:)


  1. YAYAYAY congrats! I know to most people this sounds like no big deal... afterall, it is just driving. But I TOTALLY can appreciate your thrill :) Which gym did you go to? I'm guessing Fitness first if you were lost in mosman :)

  2. Thanks so much :)
    Yes Fitness First - there really doesn't seem to be any other chains to choose from here! (I am crossing my fingers Virgin gyms expands a ton to be all over Sydney though, as they are GREAT gyms - I went there for awhile in london).
    I don't mind that one though (Mosman)- lots of nice big tvs in their cardio room! I just wish they had more than one room for classes - they don't always have something on that I actually want to attend in the evening!

  3. yeah I hardly go to their classes anymore because they were always at weird time. I got into yoga at a studio and I spend much more time there than I do at FF these days!