Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Props to the hubby

SO - lovin' the morning radio here today !!!!!!!!!!

1. The Prime Minster Kevin Rudd was on a few stations today talking about the country's new budget they just released last night. I LOVE that he comes on and 'talks to the people' - it is just so REAL and refreshing! Also - I love that the new budget includes government paid maternity leave - 18 weeks!!! So on top of the 12 weeks I get right now paid from my company I will get another 6 weeks from the government (granted it doesn't start til Jan 2011) - FAB! And best of all - I love that one station asked him about the most recent 'tantrum' that he had when he was overseas and his people couldn't find him a hair dryer before he was about to have a photo shoot. He said 'well if you wanted to vote in Mother Teresa that isn't me, I am human and I make mistakes.' Ha - well said Ruddo.

2. I also heard an interview with one of the best women surfers in the world this morning - Lane Beachley. She mentioned she is engaged to one of the guys from INXS. And I thought - NO WAY.
A few weeks ago Murray and I were at our local grocery store - just around the corner form where we live. He ran over to me to tell me that there was a GUY FROM INXS just down the other aisle. So we pretended to look at the fresh meat counter in that area so we could scope him out. I didn't recognise him - but he DID look like a rock star (cool shirt, trendy sunglasses and black toe nail polish). Murray was right - it was Kirk Pengilly - the back up singer/guitarist/saxophonist from INXS!
NOW I realise - the woman with him was Lane Beachley!!! Apparently they have been together for years, live in Manly and are now engaged.
WOW - our own local celebrities - cool :)


  1. Merrick and Rosso?? I podcast it so am a day behind.

  2. Ummmm I think so - I switch between a few stations in the morning and just know them as pre set '1,2,6' on my radio lol :)
    They were just interviewing Lane Beachley - nothing too exciting - just jarred my memory that that may have been her with the INXS guy - TOTALLY was - I'm sure!!

  3. Soooooo does this mean your are going to have a BABY sometime soon? ;)

  4. Not right now! It's good to know though :)