Sunday, May 3, 2009

Tot tot tot

I was very excited when I was waiting at the meat counter at the grocery store on Saturday.... I noticed they had what they called 'potato gems' on display....
also known as TATER TOTS (to American's at least)! YAY - so I bought half a kilo and we had a few for dinner as a side and yumm yumm yumm they were GREAT!

We also made our own pizza on a base we bought at the store - tuna & pesto - lovely!

Then last night we thought hmmm if we are having people over and it is cold - where do we eat? So I got on the website trading post (where people post ads for things they want to sell) and I found a GREAT table & chairs that was used but in great nick! We called up straight away and set a time for Sunday for us to go and pick it up!

We got there a little early, so wandered around the high street .....then we get a call from the lady - saying she sold it to someone else - a few minutes ago - and they went to get cash - unless we had cash ON us - so we better hurry.... odd. So Murray ran down the road and secured the deal (after all WE called first - how unfair!!!!). The other people came back and had 'words' with her - they were furious - she kept saying 'stop doing this to me.' Ummm I'm sorry silly woman - you did this to yourself by offering a sale to two different people duh. But anyhow - we got it:)
And it looks GREAT in our flat

I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE it - it's not new - but it suits our purposes perfectly right now:)

Then Murray got to work in the kitchen - YUMMMMM

We had a lovely BBQ lunch with Hamish, Cassie & Zephyr - nice to catch up!

Cooking the last piece of steak on the bbq after they left to use on our sandwiches tomorrow!

Lovely sunset - today was SO warm - out on the balcony it actually got so hot that we decided to eat inside! Not bad for autumn!

Later we took a lovely walk down to Manly beach and walked along the water dipping our toes.... I WISH we had brought the camera - the sunset was gorgeous - all pinks and purples with surfers on their 'last wave of the day'. The sand was COLD but the water was actually warm - you could feel a warm breeze around your ankles from the ocean - bizarre!

We then finished off the night with the new XMen movie Wolverine - eh - pretty good - very overdramatic - but Hugh Jackman is great:)

I also got our Peruvian tablecloth out of storage to see how it looks on the new table - the llama likes it!


  1. WOW that table and Chairs look amazing in your nice! now you have the choice of outside or in!!! I was going to be prepared for Sat tho by taking my rain coat!!! :o).....

  2. The table and chairs are awesome! What a crazy lady to sell a table to two people- really, she must have desperate to sell it!
    The tablecloth must look great with the table!
    And, many congrats on finding Tater Tots. Something oddly pleasing about "kid" foods you find abroad as an adult. The pizza looked yummy too!

  3. Great job of securing a dining room set. Looks very lovely. Love, Mom

  4. I love the dining room set! And I love that you take pictures of your food too! Ha! I do the same. I love cooking as it appears you and Murray do as well. Your pizza look great!!