Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sandy Jamaican Coconut Husk

Saturday we went to the IMAX with Helen to see Star Trek and it was FANTASTIC! I admit I really did like it - and Murray had to ask me to stop doing the live long and prosper hand signal as we were leaving:) I am not a treky, but it did remind me of dinner time while I was growing up as we always watched it cause Dad loved it!

Saturday - it finally happened - our sofa FINALLY arrived (we ordered 9 weeks ago....)
First - the cushions

And yes, we still have the big old blue sofas - we are working on selling them, but at the moment the sofa and recliners are just piled up near our dining table - just a BIT crowded in here!

Murray had to help the delivery men out with the second piece as it wasn't really fitting through the door.... they ended up having to take off two of the legs then it JUST fit - whew!

Meet - our sofa (that big rectangle piece is the ottoman - it actually goes on the other end - but we will put it in this configuration when we want another spare bed for guests! SO comfy - should work well!)

Murray likes to say the color is called Sandy Jamaican Coconut Husk - we LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it - not bad huh?

Tomorrow - I will introduce you to the new lady in my life - Betty.....


  1. The couch is beautiful!! I love the Sandy Jamaican Coconut Husk- so pretty!
    Hope that your couch has a long and fulfilling life!

  2. I love the couch! Great pick! It is something I could see in my own house... except for the two dogs who would no doubt turn that into Dirty Jamaican Coconut Husk pretty quickly! Great purchase though!!