Sunday, May 10, 2009

Is it really Autumn? The weekend - Part 1

Friday night I met my friend Sue in the city - we worked together in London & stayed friends (and shopping buddies!) after I changed jobs. She is in Sydney working for a few months - so we headed out for dinner on Friday. It was GREAT to see her - and fun to catch up over a yummy pizza & cocktails in the Rocks!

Saturday morning Murray had the great idea to walk down to the beach before setting off to do our errands
The surfers were out like crazy down at Manly Beach!

Looking down the beach towards Manly - lovely

LOTS of surfers - the water is actually still pretty warm though - I'm surprised more people were not out swimming

Me on the beach - it was a bit chilly in the morning (by the afternoon we were back at the beach in t-shirts & shorts!)

The stand up surfers look cool - I can imagine that sport takes a LOT of core strength!

The swimming flags - you are supposed to swim between the flags - that is if you'd like to be saved if something goes wrong - as that is where they lifeguard:)

Down at Manly Wharf they had a Fairtrade market on as well - so we took a peek around before walking home and setting off on errands...... more pics to come soon!


  1. Did they have a lot of felt products? This seems to be very popular with Fair Trade right now. I now own a felt hat, felt handbag and even a cute felt key ring. It's catching. Oh, nice sweatshirt by the way xx

  2. oh yes - LOTS of felt - I actually tried on a felt hat but it just didn't fit my head right lol:) The handbags were cute though!