Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Clean clean clean

Today we decided to clean our screens and windows and put in our new blinds
I CANNOT believe how black the panes of some of the windows were - ewwww - did the previous tenants EVER clean? Nasty

The before - murky dirty bug screen & old yucky blinds

Cleaning the screens in the shower - it just took some water as it was all just built up dust - but still - ewwwwwwwww

The after - clean windows, clean screen - and........... the same blinds.

We got our new gorgeous blinds out of the box then realized - our windows are NOT standard size - the new blinds we bought are standard sized and 1.5 cm too long. Bummer.

So, we had to put the old ones back up for now (as the bedroom windows are like fishbowls because of the walkway to the building behind us - people can see right in).

And then we went and returned the blinds, and got an order form for custom ones - *sigh*

Oh well - at least the view out the windows is much better now! (Murray was exclaiming during lunch 'look the screens are so clean that fly tried to fly right in - he couldn't even see it!)

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