Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Food glorious fooooooooood!

On Sunday we went with Anna & Ali to the 'Taste of Sydney' -the very best of the Sydney restaurant scene all at one event!
First up - we hit the free samples - the quinoa was yummmm (we also found lots of fabulous cheese samples - lovely)

Me walking down the rows & rows of stands - searching out yummy things to taste

Murray & Ali posing outside the Cacha├ža stand (they use it to make the Brazilian drink Caipirinha

Finally we made our way down to the restaurant stands - each of the 15 stands represented a top Sydney restaurant - each had 3 dishes to choose from and you bought 'crowns' ($1 = 1 crown) to purchase meals

Our first meal was from Sailors Thai - we had a fantastic curry -
*Green curry chicken with thai basil, apple eggplants and kanom jin noodles (FAB but hot meal for a VERY hot day!)

Next up was a meaty meal from Buon Ricordo
*Braciolette Napoletana - Veal rolled with parsley, pine-nuts, sultanas and garlic cooked with fresh tomato - very nice!

Then we made our way around to Ottoman Cuisine to try out a few of their yummy fabulous sounding meals

First up - Etli Borek - crisp home made filo rolls filled with braised veal shanks, currants & pine nuts, served with pomegranate and yoghurt sauce (SO SO SO good!!)

And finally - Sari Burma - Hand opened filo pastry rolled with pisatachios and served golden with honey syrup (basicaly a very fancy baklava - it was FAB!)

Then we made found our way to the refreshing drink stands - fancy cider as well as a limoncello & cranberry cocktail (Murray, Ali & Anna)

We also spotted a few unusal booths - SMEG fridges - could they BE any cuter? I want a pink fridge!

Anna & Me - enjoying our day & the amazing weather!

Murray enjoyed the fancy beef samples - the boys somehow ended up back in line for those sort of samples a few times - funny how that works!!

All in all a GREAT day - amazing weather - great friends & fabulous food!

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  1. Looks like a really fun day out!! Your blog is making me soooo homesick, especially when I see that weather! I don't think the UK has gotten over 25 degrees since you left!!