Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hello, my name is Monique and I am 30

Started off my birthday in a nice way
My sister-in-law Helen took us out to an AMAZING breakfast at White Water - a restaurant facing Manly Beach, and then took me out shopping for my pressie - YAY for my lovely new jacket! :)

Then it was time for me to go to the hair salon to get some highlights put in my hair. Somehow it took them FOUR hours - yes 4 - just for color, I didn't even have a cut! Long story short - they were super busy, their hair heater was broken so I sat for ages waiting for the bleach to do it's work 'naturally'. However I waited SO long I came to realise she forgot about me. I finally flagged someone down to ask where the heck my colourist was, she came over and said oh yes - time for a wash (yes - cause I reminded you!!!) and then after a nice wash I go back and see my highlights are white - I asked for them to match my natural sun highlighted color.......
So, back to the sink to have some toner put in, then another wash.
It went on so long that she ended up coming over to apologise, gave me 20% off and a free blow dry - I was happy in the end, so that was fine with me!
Oh and the worst part - I forgot my library books there - opps!!! I will have to pop by tomorrow morning to pick them up from the salon!

Made it home then it was time to quickly get home & get changed.

Anna & Murray - posing for photos with a pre-dinner drink

Anna & Me

Ali, Me & Anna

Posing for a photo - the dress & lovely necklace were b-day gifts from my sweet hubby

Me & Helen

We eventually made our way down to Hugos restaurant at Manly Wharf where Anna treated me to my first b-day cocktail - a fancy guava & apple bellini - yummm!

It was fun to have our friends out to celebrate - Nicole & Helen

Ali, Murray & Steve enjoying a beer (2 for Murray!)

Hugos is known for it's pizzas and WOW were they good!

Everyone at dinner (other than Helen cause she was the photographer - bummer!)
Clockwise - Ali, Murray, Steve, Nicole, Cameron, Selina, Me & Anna

After dinner they brought out a surprise!!!! Helen had bought me this GORGEOUS cake!!

It took me three tries to get all of the candles out!

Cameron & his lovely girlfriend Nicole

After dinner we decided against the Wharf Bar and instead made our way down to the Charlie Bar at the Manly Pacific Hotel - they didn't put quite enough sugar in our Capriana's - but they were still good!

Lovely Selina & Steve

Murray, Steve & Tom

Me, Anna & Selina

Sister & Brother - Helen & Murray

Cameron & Helen

Murray loved when Tom surprised him with this Jack Daniels plus mint - fancy!!!

Silly by the end of the night:)

We had fun night - making our way to a dodgy bar on the Corso, and then finally on to the Sugar Lounge - THAT was fun!! Good dancing (my feet are KILLING me today)!

Such a fun night - so fun to celebrate with such a great group of friends :)


  1. Happy Birthday, Monique! Sounds like you had a great day. I'll send you an email soon ;) Hope 30 is treating you well.

  2. Happy birthday! Love the photos, love the dress and the necklace. Murray did well!! Glad you had such a wonderful birthday! You deserve it! Cheers to a great coming year!

  3. Oh yay!! It looks like a wonderful way to kick off the decade! Glad you had such a fun time, and glad to hear you were with such a great group :)
    Great presents btw! And your highlights, despite all you went through, look awesome!