Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday Monday Monday

We job searched & went to the library today - very exciting....
So, just for you, a picture of the first pies Murray made (the other night) with the pie maker his Mom gave us - leftover mince with veggies - in pastry - yumm yumm yumm

And last night we had a bit of this fab mayo Anna brought for us (with fish) oh WOW is it good!!!

And today at the grocery store I spotted this $28 Easter egg - wow - just a BIT much - an egg for a Big Dude I guess!


  1. Holy cow that's a big egg!! Is it as big as your head? I think I need scale to truly appreciate its size.
    Love the new blog-skin too! V pretty!

  2. Vegemite Wife - I would say the egg was approximately the size of 2 American footballs - HUGE!

  3. Oh & thanks about the 'skin' lol - I think I will change it up quite regularly now just for fun!