Monday, March 2, 2009

Nice relaxing weekend

On Friday afternoon we set off to drive to Murray's parent's house for the weekend
I drove for over 2 1/2 hours (just over half of the way) - stressful (you can see my death grip on the steering wheel - I certainly am NOT a relaxed driver yet)! The freeway was fine, but the mountain we had to go down was scary - lots of tight turns and NO shoulder!! I really noticed how narrow the lanes felt as well compared to lanes in America (I swear they are at least a foot narrower). We made it with no dramas though, and it was good practice for me!

Saturday night my mother-in-law Lyn made us a lovely meal starting with this YUMMY appetizer - mango, avocado & prawns - yummmm

Lyn, Peter & Me - it was a GREAT meal!

And then they surprised me with an early birthday cake & presents - that was fun!

The cake was delicious as well (however, I am clinging to my 20's for the next 5 days!)

It was SO nice to get away from Sydney and job searching & all that for a weekend, and fun to catch up with my in-laws. We feel SO much more relaxed now back in Manly after the lovely weekend :)

Today after getting back from another interview, a long awaited package arrived - our year's supply of clothes washing powder - hooray! When we bought our washing machine way back before Christmas the deal was that you got 9 boxes of washing powder as well. I was JUST thinking this past weekend that I should probably chase that up as we hadn't heard anything and WAH LAH - they are delivered - fantastic!!

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