Thursday, March 19, 2009


Today to celebrate Murray's last day 'off' before returning to the world of work - we walked down to Shelly beach and finally got out our snorkeling stuff
There was a TON of amazing looking fish - this guy had his 'feelers' out and was sweeping the sand - cool! This guy sat above him the whole time - fish love.

Lovely colours

Me - thumbs up - but arms held close cause it was COLD! The t-shirt and shorts are so I wouldn't get all sunburnt. (I do love my pink snorkeling gear though - fun to get it out again!)

Murray - check out all the little fish by his fins - we were surrounded by a huge group of gorgeous little colourful fish

This is the Eastern Blue Groper we were following, which by the way was made NSW state fish!

These are the fish we were surrounded by when taking photos

Oooh sneaky sneak fish! ha ha I see you!

The Eastern Blue Groper heading into the sea weed.

These fish were BUSY BUSY around this bush of sea weed! To put it in perspective the fish were about 20 to 30 inches - This was a deeper section that Murray floated over.

Creepy Creepy Cuttlefish! They look like squid....amybe they are squid? Hard to tell... LOADS of them down there!!

A squid??? The first time I ever saw a squid? snorkeling was when we snorkeled off this beach years ago, great to see them again today - they are SO amazing looking!!!

The 'Squid' or a 'school'? Murray said they are like eerie 'sea bats'

Murray was floating out in the deep over just the sand bottom and spotted this HUGE Flathead!! He said it was the biggest he has ever's hard to tell from the pic, but he said it was the size of his leg!! Seriously.

The Eastern Blue Groper

How happy does this guy look with his big lips?!

Gosh what an amazing place to snorkel (I also saw a gorgeous angel fish & a little ray when swimming back in to shore) - great to know this fantastic place is right on our doorstep:)


  1. Wow, what a wonderful post!!! I love the photos. Great job with the underwater shots! I can't believe you saw so many wonderful fish so close to the city! Awesome!

  2. Awesome! I LOVE seeing squid and cuttlefish! :) They're one of my favorites when snorkeling.

    *sigh* reading this makes me miss beaches!
    Enjoy your remaining days off! :)

  3. Awesome pics! Who would ever guess this was at a beach so close by?!

  4. Well done! What camera are you using?

  5. We were using the Canon G9 with the underwater housing of course:)