Monday, March 23, 2009

Lovely Weekend

On Saturday we made our way to Steve & Selina's, then headed over to Steve's parent's house for lunch
After a wonderful lunch we went out to their yard to see their chicken coop!

Me & the coop

Steve & Clara watching the chickens as they were let out for a walk

Cluck cluck cluck - they have 6 chickens which each lay an egg a day

6 eggs again - yay!

Murray liked this one

They also have a great veggie garden! We were lucky to be sent home with a huge cucumber, zucchini and 12 fresh eggs - fantastic! Last time we got a dozen eggs from them we went quiche crazy - such a nice healthy meal:)

Clara entertaining me in the car - she is SO cute - I was trying to get a photo of when she tried on my sunglasses and then pushed them up on her head just like a big girl!

Unfortunately we didn't get any photos of Amelia, but it was fun to give her her birthday present and then teach her how to use the walkie talkies!

The boys went out that evening to a rugby game, Selina and I stayed home with the girls - had some lovely wine, chips & dip and had a GREAT 4 hour chat, while girly movies played in the background (Beaches & Dirty Dancing)!

Sunday we had a fun pub lunch with them and then headed to Bronte Beach (near Bondi) to celebrate Ali's birthday. It was fun to see Anna & Ali, to see their friends again and to meet Ali's parents who are over visiting from Scotland. It didn't hurt that it was an absolutely gorgeous day again as well!

Hey and cool thing at Bronte - they have these great little 'huts' which are split into 4 with picnic tables in each corner. You claim a spot, then they have these communal grills, where you can cook your meat! People were lining up to cook, and it was free - such a fantastic idea!

Today (Monday) I finally made my way back to the gym. I caught the bus up to Dee Why and popped into a gym that has a low priced week 'introduction' to the gym. I went to a Body Pump class, which is bascially a full body weights workout set to music - I LOVE that class! It was fun to do it again (I used to go regularly in London) although shocking to see just how weak I have become (18 months off will do it to ya)! When I left the class and walked down the stairs to the change room my legs were like jelly - I dread to think how sore I will be tomorrow!!!

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  1. Murray, that is NOT a good birthday picture for your scrapbook! Hee Hee. March 26th is the BIG DAY! John will be there soon to help you celebrate. Cheers!! Love, Deb