Saturday, March 14, 2009

A few more driving milestones

On the job front - things are coming along...........
More details to follow next week once all the cards are on the table and I can make an 'informed decision'

But in more important news - I drove yesterday - and finally faced some big milestones
1. first time driving over the Spit (a bridge that takes us from our little peninsula over to the city)
2. first time driving over the Harbour Bridge (I had to go in the far left lane, that to me felt like it used to be a walkway, then they decided they needed more lanes, so they let cars through even though it is totally too narrow for vehicles, I am really relieved the person in front of me was all freaked out and driving slow, as that meant it was ok for me to drive slow!!!)
3. first time driving through a tunnel (just a short one - but still - it was a milestone, and it was scary and I hugged the left lane)

I think I gave Murray a few gray hairs - but we made it in one piece, no one honked at us, and I think I actually may be getting more comfortable with this whole driving on the other side thing.


1. I need a smaller car - Bruce is just too wide and long and I tend to cut corners when I turn left - Bruce doesn't like this as it puts him in danger

2. It scares me that both of the jobs I am crossing my fingers for may possibly mean that I will have to drive on a daily basis

3. Anna makes a wicked curry - must get recipes! We really enjoyed her home cooked meal last night:)

4. Ok I admit it - I nearly hit a taxi while turning across lanes last night, right at the end of our drive, before Murray yelled TAXI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - but he had his lights off - and he had stopped then started going again - I thought he was parked - but Bruce has forgiven me - it was just an 'almost' thing - darn these aggressive Sydney drivers!!

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  1. I've been here for almost a year and a half and have driven over the spit about 30 times with my BF (him driving) and I only drove over it BY MYSELF for the first time about 3 weeks ago!!! I still haven't driven across the bridge. You've got me beat! :)

    And I so agree with you on the small car thing. I had a bigger car back in CA and felt like my BFs car was way too tiny when I got here. Now I'm stoked becuase I can't imagine having a big car on some of these narrow roads and don't get me started on the parking!!