Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sick sick sick of interviewing....

I had yet another interview today (I have lost count of how many I have been on - mostly agencies - just a few clients like today). It went well, but then he asked me to take a test - to prove that I do know how to use the software that my resume claims I can use (I have never been asked to take a test before in a client interview!)

That was when I started to sweat, and my stomach turned. I said 'sure!' but then reminded him that -

1. I have never used this version of the software (I had heard it is quite different) but I HAD used the previous version, which was on my resume, for four years on a daily basis
2. I have been away from the office for 17 months, so I was bound to be a bit rusty

He took me over to the manager of the area I'd be working in, and she showed me how she uses the program to manage everyone - I asked a LOT of questions and made intelligent comments (the guy was listening in) to prove that I DO know what I am talking about.

Then she had me sit down and do a few things (it is SO different - I know how to do this, it's just the buttons are all completely different now and in different places) but anyhow, after a 2 minutes she said - 'That's fine - I can tell you understand what you are doing'


Anyhow, one more important interview tomorrow.............. THEN something may actually happen! Now, must go wash my nice fancy shirt so I can wear it again tomorrow - but tomorrow I will break out the big guns - my fancy patent shoes & Murray's nice cufflinks (I can't seem to find mine?). Wish me luck!!!!


  1. GOOD LUCK!!!! Really hope this comes off for you sweetie! You really deserve a great job with nice people to play with!

  2. Gosh I know how long and frustrating the process of looking for a job is and how daunting interviewing is. Like you I was out of work for 18 month when I got my first job in Australia. So it was scary. But I am sure you will find that perfect fit for you. My fingers will be crossed for you! All the best!