Thursday, March 5, 2009

My feet hurt

Today I caught the Manly ferry into the city
Nice view from the ferry

Then I shopped - 2 hours of walking up and down Pitt Street - I hit all the shops and department stores - I found....
One dress I liked that was too big for me, and the only size left
One dress I liked that was WAY too expensive for me to look at, nevertheless buy
One dress I liked a LOT that just didn't suit my body shape

And then my feet started to hurt - so I gave up for the day
And hit Starbucks with the new issue of Woman's Day magazine (the only gossip like mag they had in the shop) and a LOVELY iced chai - yummmm

Then tonight I helped out at the Sydney Swans Fundraiser - playing waitress for the evening (and thankfully I found out before the event started that the Swans are AFL - Australian Football League - not rugby as I had thought - ha).

There was GORGEOUS food (we managed to have a bite here & there between trips out with the VERY heavy plates). And an Aussie TV star didn't understand me when I said raspberry - his girlfriend had to translate - I guess that's cause I say it like RAZZ BERRY, and Aussies say RAAHS Berry, which I thought was quite funny. Anyhow, it was an interesting evening!

And tomorrow - I am taking my earnings to the Corso & buying the jacket I have been admiring for weeks - yay - early b-day pressie for me:)


  1. Very cool that you are keeping busy while job hunting!
    Your local rugby league team is Manly Sea Eagle, by the way. Though you really should be supporting NSW Waratahs Rugby Union! :)
    Pics of the jacket please when you have it!

  2. Ahh. I was all over Pitt Street Mall yesterday on my lunch hour. Never know, might have been standing right next to you! I work directly behind Circular Quay station, so I know how much walking you would have done, back and forth and through all the shops. :-)

    And I have to disagree with Vegemite Wife... Rugby League all the way!! j/k I'm not a Manly Sea Eagles fan myself, but the NRL is my preferred code of footy. :-)

  3. Monique, don't listen to them, you saw those AFL boys in the flesh. They far surpass the meatheads of the other codes...!